If your 2018 marketing strategy includes promotional products, you’re already off to a good start. But, if you want to use those promotional products effectively, you’ll need to maximize them internally, externally, and beyond. How?

Here are 5 powerful tips for success with promotional products:

Tip #1: Start at “Home”

If you want to reach the world with your product or service, don’t overlook the people within your office walls: start at “home.” Your employees are essentially your business family, right? Start with them for promotional products. Employees should wear branded shirts, use branded pens, drink from branded mugs, wear branded pajamas — okay, maybe not that far. But, you get the picture.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” Mother Teresa’s wisdom applies to both life and business. Your employees will appreciate branded gifts they find stylish, useful, and fun — provide them with branded products they’ll be happy to use on a regular basis.

Tip #2: Love the One(s) You’re With

Let’s talk current customers. Whether you have a few or a few million, you’ve got to love the ones you’re with. (Thank you, Mr. Stills.) The fact is, customers LOVE freebies. And not just the yet-to- be-customers you’re trying to win. The customers you already have feel appreciated when you give them thoughtful or useful items — and loyalty grows.


Are we saying there is a form of advertising that customers appreciate instead of avoid?

Yes. Yes, we are.

Believe it or not, research shows that nearly half of consumers would like to receive promotional products more often! When customers use your branded promotional items, their loyalty increases and they become brand ambassadors for you.

Tip #3: Get in the Door + Build Rapport

Having trouble getting that sales appointment? Promotional product giveaways provide your sales team a reason to stop by and visit the client. Dropping by with free goodies is the perfect way to get in the door and build rapport with a client.
Studies show that positive emotions enhance the relationship between a brand and a consumer, going on to subconsciously steer decisions about the brand.

Guess what customers report after receiving promotional products?

Yep. Positive emotions. “Happy”, “interested”, and “impressed” (just to name a few.)

Giving your sales team fun, stylish, and useful promotional products for potential clients will do more than just get them in the door — it will help them leave behind a positive impression when they’re gone.

Tip #4: Let’s Get Visible

Build brand awareness and gain new customers by distributing promotional products at company sponsored events. When your company sponsors an event, it’s fantastic visibility for your name and your message. So, maximize that visibility with promotional product giveaways that keep your name or your message in front of new and current customers long after the event is over.

Not only do your freebies promote a favorable impression of your brand, that positive impression is made over and over again: 81% of consumers keep promotional products for more than a year. That’s a lot of repeated exposure at no additional cost to you!

Tip #5: Stand Out in a Crowd

Gain attention and new customers at trade shows with innovative promotional items. In a sea of other vendors, you will extend your reach and enhance your resonance when you make meaningful impressions with your promotional products. That means two things:

First, don’t just stack all of your freebies on a table display for anyone to grab. This diminishes the value of your items and robs you of the opportunity to make a connection. Personally hand your promotional items to your booth’s visitors. This personal act of appreciation makes a more memorable impression.

Second, choose promotional products that are relevant to your audience. Customers are more likely hang onto and use products they find useful, fun, or trendy. What kind of trade show is it? Know your audience, and choose items they will appreciate receiving.

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